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How to Measure a Steering Wheel

It is very important to purchase a  steering wheel cover that fits properlyThe cover should not be loose.  It should be tight against the wheel with a snug fit so it doesn't slip off the steering wheel when driving.

For some vehicles it will be necessary to measure your steering wheel to determine its size.

Two measurements are needed with instructions below.

​Tape measure, painters tape (the blue kind), masking  or scotch tape, pen and paper.  


At the center of the steering wheel, place the tape measure on the outside edge of one side to the outside edge of the opposite side. This will be a measurement anywhere from 14 to 17-1/2".

Attention: EmbellishMePattyV steering wheel covers, are for decorative use only. The purchaser, hereby releases and discharges EmbellishMePattyV,LLC of and from any and all claims, liabilities in any way directly or indirectly in the the use of this product.


Wrap the tape measure all around the steering wheel as if you were gripping the wheel. This will be the smallest measurement anywhere from 2-3/4 to 4-1/2"